Travel Diary: Thotalagala Tea Bungalow in Haputale

By thotalagala on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Reviewed by Style in Sri Lanka,


Along the winding roads of Sri Lanka’s hill country through the nearby town of Haputale lies Thotalagala, a stylishly refurbished Tea bungalow owned by the Thomas Lipton Dambatenne tea estate. I was delighted to be invited for a 2 night stay to experience the bungalow and nearby sights, including a visit to Lipton’s Seat, champagne breakfast, high tea and to Dambatenne tea factory itself; one of the oldest working in Sri Lanka, active for over 126 years. I’ve put together a travel diary of my stay, with plenty of photos to illustrate- I must say, writing it down made me realise just how much eating and drinking was involved!

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