About Thotalagala

Are you an accessible property?

Yes. For those with restricted mobility let us know your limitations and we can recommend the most appropriate room for your needs.

Do you accept children?

While we welcome families to share the unique experience of Thotalagala, we regret that we cannot accept reservations with children under 8 years of age.

Do you have driver’s accommodation?

Like many boutique hotels in Sri Lanka we do not have the facility to accommodate drivers. However there are many guest houses in and around Haputale that cater for this need. Most drivers/guides have their preferred lodging options in each location and we advise that they book ahead, especially in high seasons.

Do you have television?

We do not have televisions in any of the rooms nor do we have any other television set on the premises. However we do have complimentary wi-fi so that you can catch up with news, events and sports results.

Do you provide fridges in the rooms?

We do not have mini fridges in the rooms. Cold drinks and ice can be brought to your room at any time from 0700 – 2130.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Our chefs are very accomplished and are happy to offer alternatives from our main menu selections for those who, for whatever reason, may have a restricted diet. They are used to catering to coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans, nut-allergy sufferers and more besides.

Do you have extra beds?

We want every guest to enjoy an equally good rest and for that reason we do not put mattresses on the floor. However, a pull out bed can be arranged at any one time in certain Suites. Please let us know your requirement in advance and we can recommend the most appropriate room for your needs.

Do you have a spa?

Currently we do not operate a Spa at Thotalagala. We intend to introduce a spa facility in the future.