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By thotalagala on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018


ARareWorld Luxury travel publication featured Thotalagala on their 2018 May edition. Here is what they have to say,

“It’s a restored hilltop plantation house circa 1870, with a view that’s like sitting on a cloud. In fact, even the clouds are often below the sightlines from Thotalagala (pronounced something like Taut-Al-Uh-Gal-Uh). One night here made the entire trip to Sri Lanka worth the time and distance, and gave us all the more reason to return. The drive to the highlands of Haputale from Yala National Park was a gut-bending five-plus hours winding up mountainsides, and hugging hairpin curves alongside drop-offs with mind boggling views. A little past halfway, we pulled over to take in the sight of the 720-foot Diyaluma Falls, an impressive height and only the second tallest waterfall on the island. It was a joyous drive, until the last hour when we became very ill from the turns and rapid increase in altitude. As soon as we entered the gates for Thotalagala, we felt an immediate sense of relief. The drive was over, and we were home, if only for a night. There to meet us was Claire Holman, the property’s warm and jovial GM whose prior post was at one of Time + Tide’s camps in Zambia. By Claire’s side was Leila, Thotalagala’s resident “guest experience puppy.”

We set off to follow Claire on a quick tour of the main house before we were stopped in our tracks by the view. My goodness, the view! No introduction or description could possibly prepare you for the sight you will behold from this hilltop. Mountainsides covered in tea fields, clouds all around with light beaming through like a reminder from heaven… The drop from this hilltop is made all the more dramatic by a most stunning infinity pool pointing outward from the edge.

Making our way around the house, we saw the teakpaneled smoking lounge, and the indoor dining room, with seating possible for groups up to 20. The entire house has been beautifully restored and furnished with immaculate antiques, transforming residents to a bygone colonial era.
There are seven unique suites in the house. The four larger keys, known as Sir Thomas Lipton, James Taylor, Rev. Walter Senior, and Major Rogers, rent for $950 per night. The smaller three, John Duncan, George Pilkington, and Sam Popham, are $750. Rates are all inclusive, aside from extras like alcohol served beyond cocktail hour. ”

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