Haputale lies at the heart of the Uva Province, and one of the most resplendent jewels in its crown is Thotalagala, a luxurious colonial tea planter’s bungalow which boasts what must be one of the island’s most stupendous vistas.

Located on Pitaratmalie Estate, part of the vast Agarapatana Plantation, the bungalow was built in the 19th century. Encircled by 20 acres of charming lawns and flower beds, Thotalagala still maintains the landscaping set out by an ardent British gardening enthusiast nearly two centuries ago.

Thotalagala lies adjacent to Dambatenne, one of the only estates in the world that Sir Thomas Lipton planted himself, and where the term “Ceylon Tea” was coined. Lipton often resided in the bungalow when travelling around his estates, and no doubt enjoyed the magnificent view it offered of his flourishing plantation.

Filled with memorabilia from the British Colonial era, and paying respectful homage to the traditional lifestyle of those intrepid tea planters of yore, Thotalagala offers guests a completely immersive and utterly indulgent experience.