Experience Thotalagala

A Beautiful Sunrise


It begins even before you open your eyes, with the sweet sound of bird song…You sense the change in the air, the prospect of warmth, an invitation, drawing you out to the deck.Look out across the garden. Look further, and further, as far as the eye can see. This view does more than take your breath, it steals your heart. Tender rays kiss the mountains. It is the beginning of another glorious day.A sunrise will never be more beautiful than it is here.

Breakfast On The Lawn


Feel like you can’t bear to leave the view behind? You don’t have to. We are happy to serve you breakfast on the lawn. A perfect cup of single estate, premium quality tea, served in a delicate period china cup. A beverage to warm body and soul.
Your breakfast is served hot, bread straight from our oven, our very own preserves, fruit from nearby orchards and gardens, luscious strawberries, generous grapes, whatever the seasonal abundance brings.
Tea with a view. A feast for the senses.

BBQ The Thotalagala Way


Want to begin and end the day outdoors? We empathise. And a BBQ is always an excellent notion. But remember, this is BBQ the Thotalagala way, in style. By the light of flaming torches, whet your appetite with something from our fine range of potables, superlative wine cellar, or selection of world class Champagnes. Take a deep breath and revel in the fragrance of premium grade meats on the grill, all carefully prepared and delicately flavoured to delight the most refined palate. Gather around our table. See how the candle light is caught and held in gleaming glassware, polished lamps, and the languid eyes of that special someone….
Dining outdoors has never been so luxurious. A BBQ has never been this elegant.

Cigar Room


In the plush cigar room, time stands still. By the light of the roaring fire, its glow reflected in the sheen on the wooden paneling, you can sense how those elegant 19th century gentleman, gathered in this room. Perhaps, as they sat around this very same folding card table, they talked of their ambitions and challenges, and laughed away all doubts and cares. Join them in a fine cigar, and sip an even finer cognac. Sink into the soft, soothing comfort of a leather chair, and dip into a book on the history of this extraordinary time.
This room is more than just an elegantly appointed space. It is a piece of history, preserved, perfect, yours to savour.